1 Month (Trial)

2 Credit Hours
(14 EDITED images per credit hour)
No Commitment


3 Month

6 CREDIT HOURS @ 2 hours per month
(14 EDITED images per credit hour)
+ 1-Bonus Credit * if paid in full *
Commitment for 3-months

($265/month - $795/total)

6 Month

12 CREDIT HOURS @ 2 hours per month
(14 EDITED images per credit hour)
+ 3-Bonus Credit * if paid in full *
Commitment for 6-months

($250/month - $1,500/total)

*All Payment transactions will have a 2.9% processing Fee*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Photography Subscription?

A reduced price of credit hours to use over the duration of an agreed upon time based on months.

How does payment work?

Subscription Packages require a “Photography Subscription agreement” to receive this discounted price benefit of the Subscription Service.

Any of these duration agreements will allow you to use the number of Credit Hours you are pre-paying for within your Subscription Package time frame.

What are the benefits of Subscription photography?

- Discounted hourly rates: Regular rate $175/hr and Subscription rates starting at $143/hr
- Consistent and fresh social media marketing and/or branding content for business

Can credit roll-over?

Yes, but there is certain limitations.

- 1 Month Package (Trial): should utilize their credits within the time agreed upon.
- 3 Month Package: may have an additional 1-month to utilize their remaining original credit hours.
- 6 Months Package: may have 2-months additional time to utilize remaining original credit hours.

Subscription cancellation? Reimbursement?

The short answer is NO.

The Pack Photography's Subscription Plans are pre-paid and help us schedule out the amount of work and income we have throughout our year. This is a commitment on our part and an agreement for both Parties.