Manuel F. Aguinaga

While my hobbies involve photography and cinematography (check out my portfolio for a sample), my true passion lies in Instructional Design. Since starting in late 2019, I've been immersed in all aspects - from group training and onboarding to video development and assessment creation.

I've tackled diverse projects: facilitating and managing trainings for hundreds, crafting engaging onboarding programs, designing video modules, and building assessments on topics like harassment prevention and chemical safety.

My dedication and continuous learning drive me to excel. I'm eager to contribute my skills and thirst for knowledge to your organization.

Video Portfolio

These video segments are extracted from complete projects I've crafted—transforming them into impactful SCORM courses which are delivered through a LMS. For optimal quality, simply click the gear icon at the bottom right of the video screen and choose HD or 4K.

Gyrus Management Role


Safety Orientation:

Emergency Action Plan

Good Documentation Practices:

4 Steps of Correcting Mistakes

Harassment and Discrimination

Part one: Physical Conduct

HArassment and Discrimination

Part two: REtaliation Scenario

Scorm Authoring